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The RJCadvisors General Scripting Services is designed to help customers build or exetend their library of automation scripts to be used in test execution.  The investment in this scripting service is based on the number of scripts and not a per hour rate.  Please send an email to to ask about the details of this scripting service.

The RJCadvisors Load Testing Services is designed to help customers launch their applications with the confidence they will scale and perform well in production.


Service Description:These services are broken down into several options, each option focuses on a particuar goal of load testing



·   Application Assessment

·  Scripting and Transaction Validation 

·   Baseline Testing

·  Spike Testing  

·  Mixed Scenario Testing   

·  Longevity Testing






The RJCadvisors Automation Consulting Service is designed to help customers meet their automated testing objectives by assisting in script creation, test exeuction and reporting.


 Service Description:  This service will assist customers by helping to roll out automation solutions successfully.  Customers will gain the benefits of our expertise and experience in all phases of their atomation effort.  Service options are:


·   Initial application assessment 

·   Automated Scripting Planning & Design

·  Script Building & Troubleshooting 

·  Expert execution and analysis

·  Test management configuration consulting





Installation & Configuration


Methodology Discussion


Automated Test Development


Product Training


Advanced Scripting Techniques


Troubleshooting & Debugging


Best Practices for Automation


Tips & Techniques


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